Browse through our retreat and workshop section. The retreats and workshops are all aimed to assist you to become a balanced whole human  being. They range from  health and fitness to developing your mind to become the creator of your life by developing your inner being.


Set yourself free: Shift Your Being, Shift your Life

For many, there will come a time in life where everything has become bleak. Getting up and going to work  feels like a heavy burden, concentration is down the drain, performance at work is barely existing,  the drive has gone and somehow life has become very dull and meaningless. Sleeping is difficult, even so one is tired, and fun…well what is that word.

Retreats – Professionals by MW

Focusing specifically on the issues faced by business leaders and senior managers, Martina and her specialist colleagues create tailored programmes that harness the power of genuine self-awareness and guide individuals to find their true authentic selves. Programmes are flexible and can be designed for individuals or as groups – at all times total discretion and confidentiality is respected.

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