By Martina Willis:  I have done things and do things in my life most people don’t even dare to dream of.  And this is the main crux. Most people grow up with a very limited view of life’s possibilities and are too scared to even start dreaming the seemingly impossible dream.

Based on my upbringing and the need to succeed in order to survive, made me to the person I am today. If somebody tells me I can not do this or that, it acts for me as an even greater driver to succeed. For me a challenge is a must. It makes me feel alive. I learn, grow and become more with each challenge.

Today I know, growth is the driver behind any life.  Any life form, including humans, only have to ways to go. Either to grow or to die. I decided to live. Live my life to the full. Trying all the time new things, learning, now and then failing but getting up again, adjusting a couple of things and trying again.

After having studied the factors that make people successful, including myself, I am now not only have done it , but understand what it takes and can pass this knowledge on to others. Which I do today in many forms. By coaching individuals, conducting workshops for private individuals or for businesses, and leading a team of entrepreneurs.