La fuente | the source

La Fuente where visions are born….and magic happens

In Summer 2012 I have seen this property the first time and fell in love with it. Back then I promised myself that once upon a day I will live  and work there.
Against all odds, today this vision became true.  Far away from my old hectic business life in Zurich, this unique part of the world where the sound of running water from natural springs and the ambiance of being in mother natures bosom, is what I call my home.
Here is where I welcome people who want to connect to the source of their wellbeing. Finding a feeling of inner peace and Oneness with all there is.



We are focused on creating pathways for humans to become “WHOLE” again.
We believe a human being can live in bliss if the “inner being” (purpose, motivation etc) is in balance with the “outer Doing”